Provably Fair System


Provably fair is an algorithm based on technologies that allow online randomization to step up and reach a new level of fairness and openness. In short, the algorithm uses the benefits of the blockchain in order to make actions of randomization.

Variables of the Algorithm

The algorithm calculates a roll-result each time there's a new game that's been played, by using three variables:
Serverseed: this is provided by the game itself:
Clientseed: this is provided by the browser you're playing on;
Nonce: with each new game, this variable increases by one so you can keep track
of which hand is which by the end of the session.

Execution of the Algorithm

Before you start you will get a hash of the serverseed, which is encrypted. This hash contains the entire game round you're about to play, so the game owner cannot change it no matter what. Also, because it comes to you in an encrypted code, you yourself cannot calculate any results for the hands you're about to play.
To verify the seed, use a third party tool to generate the SHA256 hash of the unhashed serverseed. Once you do that, you can check to see if the two hashes are the same. If they are, you can calculate the results and compare them to the ones provided.