Selecting Abilities

  • After you click "Play" button, you need to select 1 legendary and 4 normal abilities to use in-game.

Here is the list of the abilities and their descriptions:

Normal Abilities

  • Lock Color: Locks one selected color from the opponent’s board for the next turn
  • Concentrate: Your next attack will critically hit and deal 10% more damage if the enemy has a debuff
  • Minor Hack: The numbers over 15 on the opponent’s board are changed to “1”
  • Grenade: Throw a grenade to the opponents board, locking random 9 connecting square
  • Determination: The buff of the color resulting from the next roll is guaranteed to apply
  • Steal Buff: Repossess beneficial buffs from the opponent to yourself and replenish their duration
  • Minor Upgrade: The numbers under 10 on the player’s board are changed to “10”
  • Evasive Maneuvers: Your dodge chance is increased by 50%
  • Rewire Buff: Instantly replenishes player’s beneficial buffs
  • Recolor: Turns 15 random squares to selected color
  • Lights Out: Turns off the tile colors of the enemy player for 3 turns

Legendary Abilities

  • Double Down: In your next turn, roll twice
  • Enrage: All numbers on the player’s board is multiplied by 1,5
  • Major Hack: All numbers on the opponent’s board is halved
  • Lock Ability: Locks all the abilities from the opponent for 1 turn
  • Reset Cooldown: Resets the cooldowns of player’s abilities
  • You will see the abilities you selected when you scroll down as seen in the image below. If you change your mind and want to select another, just tap on the abilities you selected before and delete them from your ability pool! After you are done with ability selection, just click "TO BATTLE!"