Selecting Colors

After you get an opponent, it's time to select your colors!
  • You must select three colors depending on your play style and your opponent's choices.
Effects of the colors are listed below:
  • Orange: Enemy takes 10% more damage from ALL sources
  • Yellow: Weakens the enemy. All enemy damage output is reduced by 10% (Turrets do not weaken)
  • Purple: Enemy healing is reduced by 50% (Shielding is not healing so
    it is not affected)
  • Red: Robot is healed for 20% of his damage (Turret is not calculated)
  • Dark Blue: Spawns a drone dealing damage to the enemy automatically. Drone damage cannot be critical, penetrated and cannot be dodged or blocked. This damage is calculated as 1/30th of the Robot’s Attack Power for each turn
  • Green: Places a heal over time on the Robot, healing for hit points equal to the amount of 1/10th of Robot’s Healing power every turn
  • Blue: Places a shield on the Robot absorbing damage equal to the amount of 1/5th of Robot’s Healing Power